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Februar 19, 2021

NVIDIA Maxine movie conferencing features driven by NVIDIA Maxine and NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs.

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Cloud-AI Video-Streaming Platform

What’s Maxine?

NVIDIA Maxine is a completely accelerated platform SDK for developers of movie conferencing services to create and deploy features that are AI-powered use state-of-the-art models within their cloud. Video conferencing applications based on Maxine can lessen movie bandwidth usage right down to one-tenth of H.264 utilizing AI video clip compression, considerably reducing expenses.

Maxine includes APIs for the latest innovations from NVIDIA research such as for instance face positioning, look modification, face re-lighting and real-time interpretation along with abilities such as for instance super-resolution, sound treatment, shut captioning and digital assistants.

These abilities are completely accelerated on NVIDIA GPUs to perform in real-time video clip applications that are streaming the cloud. (weiterlesen …)

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