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November 19, 2020

How exactly to: Verified Dating Profiles making use of Bloom

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Android Installation

Make fully sure your Android os task features a minSdkVersion of 16 or greater, otherwise incorporating the collection will cause assembling your project to don’t build.

Include the sharekit.aar library generate above by doing listed here in your Android os Studio task:

  1. Click File -> New -> Brand Brand New Module.
  2. Click Import .JAR/.AAR bundle then click Then.
  3. Enter the location for the compiled sharekit.aar file then click Finish.
  4. Then ensure that the sharekit collection is added in your settings.gradle file in other words. consist of ‘:app’, ‘:sharekit’
  5. In work build.gradle file put in a line that is new the sharekit lib into the dependencies block i.e. dependencies
  6. Finally click Sync venture with Gradle Files for the task to sync using the sharekit collection. (weiterlesen …)

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