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Juli 5, 2020

Awkward French Mistakes Which Will Make You Want You Had Been Invisible

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Wouldn’t it is embarrassing to yell “I have always been horny” to your French buddy in place of “I eat in a dirty method? ”. As impractical since it appears, it really took place to a pal of mine.

To prevent (hilarious) errors, listed here are 13 sentences and terms you really need to never ever state in French. Until you genuinely wish to feel embarrassing needless to say.

1. Tu es bonne

Congratulating your pals is really an idea that is good however you should be careful once you do so in French.

“Tu es bonne”, thought to a woman are frequently interpreted as “you are good…in bed”, and that is the most interpretation that is polite.

When you ever wish to congratulate a friend that is female don’t forget to obviously explain exactly what your buddy is great at.

Or just avoid this phrase and employ the safer “tu es doue(e)” (you are gifted).

Wouah, elle est bonne ta soeur! QUOI?

Elle chante bien

Wow, your cousin is great

Take a look at Bien vs Bon: what type Should You Utilize? To find out more about the various how to state that is“good French.

2. Connard/ canard

French learners frequently mistake “canard” and “connard”. Two terms having a meaning that is radically different.

While “canard” means “duck”, “connard” means jerk.

You might would you like to avoid seeking a jerk within the restaurant.

Bonjour monsieur, je vous sers du canard ou du poulet?

Du connard s’il plait that is vous

Hello sir, do we serve you duck or chicken?

3. Baiser

You think that “baiser” means “to kiss”, and therefore utilizing that term will be actually pretty.

While “un baiser” does mean “a kiss”, “baiser” used as a verb means “to f***”. (weiterlesen …)

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