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April 7, 2021

10 Intercourse Urban Myths Debunked When Attempting To Conceive

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You may have heard some crazy sex myths if you??™re trying to get pregnant.

Through the years, countless old spouses??™ tales have now been produced around intercourse, conception, and pregnancy. Constantly worrying all about what you need to or shouldn??™t do when wanting to conceive usually takes the pleasure right out of closeness. To greatly help differentiate reality from fiction, I??™ve debunked 10 urban urban myths below.

Myth 1:

Does setting up after intercourse assistance with maternity? Lots of women ask ‘how long can I lay out after intercourse?’ really, there is absolutely no medical proof that setting up after intercourse increases maternity chances. But, taking a stand or likely to the toilet causes gravity to away pull sperm through the cervix. (weiterlesen …)