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November 17, 2020

The third ???financialisation of everyday life??™ approach

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citizens being transformed from ???welfare subjects??™ to ???personal investors??™ and ???personal borrowers??™ with a related internalisation of new norms of individual risk-taking (Langley, 2008). Most accounts of the ???everyday life??™ of financialisation focus particularly on issues of culture, identities and subjectivities (Langley, 2008; Coppock, 2013; Deville, 2015; Horsley, 2015). This focus has provided a rich stream of thought about the nature of contemporary society but, we argue, fails to fully engage with the ???lived experience??™ or ???lived reality??™ of financialisation. Payday lending is not just important in terms of what it tells us about people’s subjectivities and identities but also in terms of their more objective experiences of managing on low and precarious incomes. (weiterlesen …)

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