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Januar 5, 2021

This guide is old college KA in you immediately with that all-consuming warmth that only this author knows how to deliver that it fills.

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With all the opening words, you feel immediately enveloped in KA??™s world also it??™s familiar and perfect and intoxicating. But this whole tale seems new and fresh and exciting also. KA takes us to Matlock, Kentucky and sweeps us away in a brand new city with new friends and a brand new tale that i really couldn??™t get enough of. I??™m uncertain if it is simply been too much time since I??™ve read a Kristen Ashley novel, or if perhaps The Hookup can be as fantastic as I was thinking it had been, but i really couldn??™t place this guide down, couldn??™t stop considering it whenever I did, and I also never ever desired it to finish.

The Hookup is an extremely sexy love about a one night stand that becomes so a lot more. (weiterlesen …)

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