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März 25, 2021

Converting from 12 Volt BatteriesTo 6 Volt Golf Cart Style Batteries

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Numerous RVers which have 12 volt deep period home batteries would prefer to make use of the 6 volt “Golf Cart” type of batteries. The 6 volt batteries have more substantial dish design that creates more amps, causing longer battery pack life between fee rounds. Whenever transforming from 12 volt batteries to 6 volt batteries you have to be certain that you connect two 6 volt batteries in show so that you can continue steadily to offer 12 volts to your electric system. Understand that batteries in series compound their voltage, not amperage. Batteries in parallel protect their voltage but compound their amperage. When utilizing (4) 6 volt batteries you can expect to create two pairs basically of 6 volt show linked batteries. The four 220 amp-hr 6 volt batteries will give you a total of 440 amp-hrs on a 12 volt system in this manner. Utilize the following diagrams to assist learn how to connect them.

Mark S. Nemeth has written an article that is excellent “The 12 Volt Side of Life.” Section of this article on batteries is quoted below.

You must make an important wiring change if you have room and want to change over to the 6 volt golf cart batteries. Many rigs which have 2 or maybe more 12 volt batteries ask them to wired in parallel. Whenever visiting the 6 volt batteries, you need to wire pairs of them in series to produce the required 12 volts. This is really simpler than it appears. start to see the diagrams below.

Whenever installing brand brand new batteries, very first mark the cables you reconnect so you do not forget which one is which when. Some changes in cabling will be required if you are changing over from a pair or set of 12 volt batteries to a pair or set of 6 volt batteries. Look at wiring drawing above for an illustration. If you do not completely understand just what the real difference is between parallel and series wiring, We highly claim that you may not try to perform some hookup your self. (weiterlesen …)