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Juli 29, 2021

A Rejection Mindset: Preference Overload in Online Dating Sites

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The paradox of modern relationship is the fact that online platforms offer more possibilities to look for a romantic partner than in the past, but individuals are however more prone to be solitary.

We hypothesized the presence of a rejection mindset: The continued usage of practically limitless possible lovers makes individuals more pessimistic and rejecting. Across three studies, individuals straight away began to reject more hypothetical and real lovers when dating online, cumulating an average of in a decrease of 27per cent in opportunity on acceptance through the very first towards the final partner option. This is explained by a general decrease in satisfaction with photos and recognized success that is dating. For females, the rejection mindset additionally led to a likelihood that is decreasing of intimate matches. Our findings declare that individuals slowly “close down” from mating possibilities whenever online dating sites.

The landscape that is dating changed drastically within the last ten years, with increased and a lot more people trying to find a partner online (Hobbs, Owen, Gerber, 2017).

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