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Mai 23, 2021

a few of the ladies who stated that they destroyed fluid from their urethra had quite strong pelvic flooring muscles

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Ejaculation, female

Female ejaculation refers to about a teaspoon (3??“5 cc) of fluid expelled through the urethra that appears like watered???down milk that is fat???free tastes sweet, and doesn’t smell like urine. Analysis regarding the fluid shows it is chemically distinct from urine. It often happens with stimulation associated with the area called the G spot, and sometimes does occur with orgasm.

The occurrence of feminine ejaculation was the item of debate in present years, though there are historic information that bbw chubby webcam demonstrate its existence for longer than 2,000 years. Female ejaculation refers to your expulsion of fluid through the urethra that is not the same as urine. Some females eliminate a fluid from their urethra during intimate stimulation plus some eliminate the fluid at orgasm. A lot of women within the past reported having surgery to improve this ???problem,??? as well as others stated that they stopped experiencing orgasm. The fluid is referred to as searching like watered???down fat???free milk, tasting sweet, and in most cases of a teaspoon (3??“5 cc) in amount. (weiterlesen …)