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Mai 29, 2021

Exclusive: Robin Thicke on Loving Ebony Ladies, Interracial Dating, and Pleasing Paula

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Robin Thicke to Ebony females: “There are plenty good Ebony males on the market.”

Blue-eyed heart singer Robin Thicke established fact for several things: wooing the ladies along with his sultry songs and falsetto that is beautiful wearing an amazing real time show, and a lot of notably, adoring their senior high school sweetheart and spouse of six years, A-list actress Paula Patton.

His latest record, their 5th, is entitled ???Love and War,??? and about it he explores the aftermath of love plus the beauty of creating up along with your partner. He credits Paula as their muse, therefore we trapped with all the crooner to discover just how their wedding shaped the newest record, that which works for them, and just how they keep things so steamy among them. (maybe you have heard of ???Love after War??? video clip?)

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