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April 26, 2021

Just just just What should Sirius XM do about Howard Stern?

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He could be someone which used to be funny and incredibly irreverent. He certainly said and did numerous things that are taboo. He could be not any longer funny and the left has been joined by him and out of stock his values. Now he could be the main correctness mob that is political. He could be safe due to a standard that is double. We state he must certanly be at the mercy of the exact same punishment that most people are and therefore he’s got assisted to allow.

Howard Stern could be the least person that is SJW news.

@zagor when it suits him

@zagor Howard used to be the smallest amount of SJW, now he could be a liberal who goes along to obtain along. He is not a champ at no cost speech any longer, he out of stock and it is area of the issue. He is entitled to be terminated that is why. If he had been a Republican individuals could be earnestly looking to get him fired but its still another dual standard.

Agreed. Howard is scrambling like every single other celebrity pandering towards the BLM to save lots of their profession.

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