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Februar 12, 2021

Auction Report 101 Cartier Clocks Coming Up For Auction This Summer Time At Christie’s Geneva

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An historic collection will be on view in June.

Cartier’s reputation being a watchmaker was protected into the minds of view enthusiasts for probably near to a 100 years, but its clockmaking has become a little more when you look at the back ground. While for many of their history Cartier watches were quite exclusive also (it really is astonishing when you initially begin looking in to the Tank that, for a lot of its history, Cartier made not as much as one hundred per year, and quite often far less than that), its clocks will always be one thing for connoisseurs and more out for the general public eye than with it.

The cause of this might be direct. Cartier has generally speaking addressed clockmaking as a certain area for which to work out its abilities in design whenever possible so that as a master of ornamental arts. Cartier clocks have actually usually been horologically innovative also. Even mechanically easy Cartier clocks are works of attractive art, frequently with elaborate enameling and engraving. Its many complex clocks include the famous “mystery” clocks, in which the fingers associated with clock are suspended in transparent panes of stone crystal and move without any obvious link with any apparatus.

Recently, Christie’s has announced a future auction in which an overall total of 101 Cartier clocks ??“ secret clocks among others ??“ will likely to be offered, also to state it is an extraordinary collection is always to state very little. It’s, I think, among the biggest, or even the biggest, collections of Cartier clocks ever to attend auction, plus it includes wonderful samples of almost charmdate every genre of clockmaking for which Cartier historically has excelled.

This lot, no. 80, is a vintage exemplory case of Cartier clockmaking through the high Deco duration. Finished in 1925, it really is possibly a little more restrained than a number of Cartier’s work through the Belle Epoque period just before World War I, but it is still an extremely opulent clock, by having an imposing carved onyx case, jade plaques in the pedestal base, a mom of pearl dial, and a red enamel group with diamond accents establishing off the thing that is whole. (weiterlesen …)