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Januar 4, 2021

???No reimbursement, maybe maybe not just a dime??™: male battles with Lowe??™s to have washer, dryer delivered

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After three efforts, he looked to Information 6 for assistance

ORLANDO, Fla. ??“ When a Central Florida guy stated he had difficulty finding a $1,500 reimbursement for a washer and dryer after three unsuccessful distribution efforts, he contacted Information 6 hoping of having outcomes.

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???I have not had this type of experience that is frustrating products or services,??? James Johnson stated.

He and their wife necessary to change the dryer and washer inside their Lake Nona house, so they really visited Lowe??™s, where they discovered the pair of devices available for sale.

The couple scheduled the two items to be delivered to their home by a third-party company that handles shipments for the home improvement store after charging the washer and dryer purchase to their Lowe??™s credit card.

As soon as the deliveryman arrived, Johnson discovered the delivery had been incomplete.

“He stated, ‘All we have actually is a dryer’,” Johnson told News 6. “No washer.”

Reluctant to simply accept a partial distribution, Johnson delivered the dryer straight back and planned a new distribution date.

“I didn’t like to simply simply take control of a unit that is single I experienced taken care of both,” he stated. (weiterlesen …)

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