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Juni 19, 2021

97. There are lots of seafood within the ocean, but you??™re the only person I??™d like to back catch and mount at my spot.

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98. What??™s the difference between a Ferrari and an erection? We don??™t have Ferrari.

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99. Why don??™t you shock your roomie and never get home tonight?

100. I??™d like to make use of your legs as earmuffs.

101. This might seem corny, but I am made by you really horny.

102. Do you really have animal insurance? Tonight because your pussy??™s getting smashed.

103. If We flip a coin, what exactly are my odds of getting mind?

104. I??™m a freelance gynecologist. The length of time has it been as your final checkup?

105. My dick simply passed away. Could you mind in your ass if I buried it?

106. Have you been my homework? Cause I??™m not doing you but we surely must be.

107. Pardon me, we am planning to go masturbate and required a true title to choose the face area.

108. Are the ones jeans Guess? Because guess who would like to be inside them??¦

109. I??™m no weather guy, you could expect a lot more than a few ins tonight.

110. Don??™t ever modification. Simply get naked.

111. I??™m an astronaut and my mission that is next is explore Uranus.

112. Allow me to imagine your favorite place: anything that requires my balls bouncing against your ass.

113. Girl are you currently an iceberg? (weiterlesen …)