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März 19, 2021

Wi-Fi and Web

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There are two main networks that are wireless to Residents living on campus at OSU Stillwater (in locations where Wi-Fi is present):


Safe option that is wireless

EDUROAM is guaranteed with WPA2-enterprise encryption. This encryption keeps your data MUCH safer when using a unit on Wi-Fi than a open network does.

For connecting to EDUROAM:

  • Merely choose it in your Wi-Fi setup screen and make use of your@okstate that is current email address and password that is OKEY it asks.
  • Accept/Trust the protection certification you to do so if it asks.
  • For some devices, it is everything you need to do.
  • You may be asked by some devices to decide on additional options within the connection procedure.
  • If the device requests an EAP method, enter PEAP. Set period 2 Authentication to MSCHAPv2 (this method might be hidden in a “advanced” area).
  • If you have a area for CA Certificates, choose “Use System Certificates” after which set the Domain to “”.
  • If for example the unit doesn’t have a “Use System Certificates” option, you can select “Do not Validate” instead (but remember that this may make you at risk of a guy at the center assault, so make sure you are linking in a spot for which you expect you’ll discover the EDUROAM service).
  • If you notice a field called “Anonymous Identity”, simply leave it blank. The remainder choices should always be kept inside their standard black singles meet settings.

In case your devices support WPA2-enterprise encryption (smart phones, laptops, and a lot of pills) we strongly recommend those devices are connected by you to EDUROAM.

Start option that is wireless

OSURESLIFE is a network that is new will not need encryption. It really is just obtainable in the household Halls and Apartments (where Wi-Fi can be obtained), it shall not work throughout the sleep of campus.

You would like to connect to Wi-Fi that doesn’t support WPA2-enterprise encryption but does support open networks (such as smart TV’s, Roku/AppleTV, kindle/nook e-readers, game consoles, etc. ), you can register them to connect to the OSURESLIFE network if you have devices. (weiterlesen …)