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Juli 20, 2021

On a crusade to re-elevate the woman that is black to her initial glory since 2015

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A brief history of Ebony Playboy Playmates

Published on Feb, 1 2013 By Josh Robertson from the real history of Ebony Playboy Playmates

An individual mentions the words Playboy Playmate, the image of the blond Barbie-like California transplant through the Midwest instantly pops into the mind. Nevertheless, not all woman that is beautiful all pages and posts of this storied book appear to be a carbon content regarding the Girls Next Door.

Kicking down Ebony History Month, we??™re looking right right right back at a number of the ladies who broke label, annexed the coveted centerfold spread, and expanded this is of beauty for fans for the mag. Here is the reputation for black colored PlayboyPlaymates.

Jennifer Jackson

Issue: March 1965

Jennifer broke along with barrier in Playboy, 11 eleven years following the magazine??™s debut, as well as 2 years after Martin Luther King??™s ??? We have actually a speech that is dream.

While Jennifer could be the very very first in a set, and one among a type or type, she’s got two increases. One, her twin sis (who had been a Bunny at a Playboy club), and two, Jennifer Jackson (white woman, no connection), often called Jennifer Lyn Jackson, who was simply Miss April 1989.

Jean Bell

Problem: October 1969

Jean Bell had been the 2nd black colored Playmate, nevertheless the very very very first woman that is black show up on the address of this mag, which she did in January 1970. It had been the yearly Playmate Review problem, and Jean had been certainly one of five Playmates from the address.

(the initial black colored model to get her very own address ended up being Darine Stern. (weiterlesen …)