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April 2, 2021

Summing up Symantec VIP provider, a multifactor verification device

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Specialist David Strom appears at the Symantec VIP multifactor verification item and exactly how it could gain enterprise safety.

Symantec is just one of the biggest and a lot of well-known safety vendors within the IT industry.

The Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) provider is a multifactor verification (MFA) product that makes use of biometrics and smart phones to augment standard username/password logins on a number of servers and solutions.

Symantec VIP Manager and MFA products like it avoid logins that are unauthorized business resources, applications and solutions, even though passwords have already been compromised or provided among several different solutions because of the person. It really is right for medium-sized and big enterprises, particularly those who wish to take advantage of many different outside services that are software-as-a-service-based.

Symantec does not make use of a version number to determine its pc software releases, but claims it updates its VIP that is cloud-based Manager every quarter.

Currently, you will find three help amounts: Basic Maintenance (company hours just), Essential Support solutions (24/7) and Business Critical Services, which includes a passionate help supervisor for every single consumer account.

Symantec has been doing the multifactor verification room for a while, as evidenced by the long listing of smart phones so it supports and its own big selection of tokens, including desktop and smartphone apps (using both a text solution and sound telephone calls) and differing equipment tokens. This places VIP that is symantec Manager along side VASCO and RSA, when you look at the top tier of multifactor verification vendors.

Symantec VIP additionally provides a lot more than 30 various integration techniques for typical apps, such as for example SharePoint, Cisco, Juniper and babel SonicWall VPNs. (weiterlesen …)