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Juli 27, 2021

AIRDRIE, Alta. ??“ When Norman Storch??™s children get away to milk, they don??™t concern yourself with getting a stinging slap in the face from the wayward cow??™s end.

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Profits scarce in sheep dairies

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Alternatively, they work with peaceful sheep that stay patiently in a parlor waiting their turn.

For the year that is last Norman and Leona Storch, of Hanna, in east-central Alberta, have milked sheep and shipped the merchandise to a processor in Didsbury, about 50 kilometres north of Calgary.

???This isn’t get rich quickly. A sheep dairy is of work,??? said Storch at a recently available seminar for farmers thinking about this industry that is new.

???It could be very difficult at this time to declare that it will be possible to create a sheep dairy up and work out cash at it,??? he stated.

At Spruce View, Alta., near Red Deer, Peter and Christiane Welkerling have operated a sheep that is licensed and processing company Arizona online dating since 1994.

Even though the Storchs ship their milk out for processing, at Welkering??™s Shepherd Gourmet Dairy, all things are done on location.

???You need to approach this as a dairy farmer, not really a sheep farmer,??? said Welkerling.

Money in milk

The Storches got into the sheep milking business after they shut out their chicken procedure four years back and had 20,000 sq. f t of unused barn area. The barns weren??™t strong sufficient to support cattle so that the Storchs investigated sheep. (weiterlesen …)