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Juni 24, 2021

Thus far, regulatory interventions within the credit rating markets have never for ages been in a position to deal with these issues also to guarantee responsible financing

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Most likely, exceptionally strict credit rating legislation may limit use of credit while increasing the borrowing charges for customers

The regulatory failure in these areas over the EU results first of all through the not enough sufficient customer protection requirements and enforcement failings during the Member State degree. In the time that is same close attention is required to the part for the EU in ensuring such protection, provided its harmonization efforts in this region as well as the major of reckless financing throughout the Union when you look at the post-crisis duration.

As the 2008 Consumer Credit Directive is designed to attain a higher amount of customer security against reckless lending, it really is very dubious if it is well prepared to comprehend this goal in a increasingly electronic financing environment. Showing the details paradigm of consumer security plus the matching image regarding the ???average consumer??? being a fairly well-informed, observant, and circumspect star, this directive fosters increased usage of credit rating and embodies just a restricted notion of responsible financing. In specific, the buyer Credit Directive doesn’t protect tiny loans at under EUR 200 and will not impose a definite borrower-focused responsibility on loan providers to evaluate the consumer??™s creditworthiness before giving credit. (weiterlesen …)