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Dezember 22, 2020

???A Blast of Fresh Air???: The Instagram Account That??™s Revolutionizing Queer Dating

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Whenever Arizona pulled up in the front of Juniper??™s household in Connecticut after a drive that is eight-hour Philadelphia, these people were petrified. (Both Arizona and Juniper, like most of the individuals in this story, use the pronoun ???they.???) Strictly talking, Arizona had never met Juniper, the individual with who they??™d exchanged letters that are countless their terms??”???angsty love poems.??? Arizona texted Juniper from their vehicle, and June came outside to meet up with them, approaching their vehicle window. ???We just stared at each and every other for a minute,??? Arizona recalled if you ask me, giggling. ???And they picked a dandelion and gave it in my opinion.???

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