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März 31, 2021

No ???strict liability??? for soliciting online that is minor intercourse, if small stated she had been over the chronilogical age of consent

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State you will be attempting to select some body up on line for intercourse. You??™ve never met in individual, but she lets you know in your conversation that is online that above the chronilogical age of permission (16 in many states, 17 in a few other people, 18 in still others). Let??™s state she is: It turns out that she??™s underage that you have no reason to think she??™s lying, but. You never meet and also you never have intercourse. Could you nevertheless be prosecuted for soliciting a small for intercourse, for a ???strict obligation??? theory ??” i.e., though you didn??™t know this or have reason to know it that you were trying to pick up someone who turns out to be underage, even?

No, says today??™s Minnesota Court of Appeals choice in State v. Moser, keeping that a situation liability that is strict statute had been unconstitutional.

The court acknowledges there are two areas had been liability that is strict typically permitted:

???public welfare offenses??? that tend to transport fairly low punishments (such as for example ???failing to create evidence of insurance on a vehicle??? or ???the sale of contaminated or adulterated meals or drugs???), and rape that is statutory. (weiterlesen …)