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Februar 23, 2021

Then again she kissed more women and had intercourse with some of these and fell deeply in love with one or more of those.

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We initially published this list with ten characters on Bi Week in 2017, but we??™ve made some improvements and think you could enjoy reading it once again!

It??™s a tricky company being fully a bisexual woman on teevee. You can find a lot of cliches that are lazy tropes authors are constantly forcing one to trip over, and frequently those hackneyed storylines perpetuate harmful stereotypes which actually harm bi ladies in real world. But often, on a uncommon harvest moon once the mermaids sing as well as the unicorns fly, we??™re treated to essentially authentic, layered, swoon worthy portrayals of bisexual females on the most popular programs. They are the very best of them. (weiterlesen …)