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Juni 9, 2021

The investigation on sexting has widely grown within the last couple of years, specially regarding adolescents

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The study on sexting has commonly grown in the last several years, specially regarding adolescents plus the negative impact it could have on the sexual development and psychological state, particularly following the book regarding the Intercourse and Tech Survey (2008) outcomes, that was the very first broad study to look at this sensation [10,11].

there was a conceptual debate in the systematic community that distinguishes between two clear arguing lines: one part has a tendency to argue for a normalizing discourse whereby authors think sexting to become a normative behavior as part of intimate phrase in a relationship [10,12], and it is feasible to rehearse ???safe sexting??? to prevent negative effects. One other part has a tendency to argue that sexting is really a risky behavior that needs intervention and avoidance to decrease its prevalence, and has now been defined as ???deviance discourse??? [10,13,14,15]. Although sexting is a type of behavior one of the adolescent and young populace, the deviance discourse appears to have more clinical help compared to normalizing discourse.

As an example, a present meta analysis posted by Kosenko et al. [16] found a substantial relationship between sexting and three components of intimate behavior: basic sex, unsafe sex history, and quantity of sexual partners, which can be all considered intimate risk actions. (weiterlesen …)